Breasts suckling is a way of stimulating the breast to produce and excrete milk after birth.

Breast stimulation is very important for a pregnant woman..when a pregnant woman’s breast is well stimulated during helps the breast to produce and excrete milk immediately after delivery.

Each time a woman’s breast is helps send signal to the brain that it needs to produce milk..during pregnancy there is a hormone called prolactin which works in producing milk..the action of this prolactin is suppressed during pregnancy but once the baby is born..the hormone that causes the suppression of this prolactin diminishes thereby making the prolactin to start executing its work of producing the milk.

Sucking of the breast by a woman’s partner will help to stimulate the brain to produce enough prolactin that will make the breast milk flow immediately after birth.

A woman with an inverted nipple(as shown on the picture below) need a stronger mouth from his partner to suck out the nipple and make it easier for the baby when he/she is born.

Similar to this sucking stimulation is the use of hands lubricated with an olive oil or other oil like coconut oil..using the lubricated rubbing gently and pulling out on the nipple just like using mouth..gently repeat this procedure as much as you found fit and you are good to go.

Preparation of breastfeeding should be done during pregnancy, this will help in early establishment of breastfeeding.

Men should help their wife suckle out their breast to help in breasts stimulation.

Everything should be done gently and with love.

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